Cyber Security Training

2017 Human cyber security awareness isn’t growing although info security and services spending is cutting $81 Billion according to Gartner Research.

There is a large void between cyber security training and taking no action. No action leads to employee apathy, and it is widespread among many businesses. A handful of technology firms works with industry to reduce the apathetic void through hands on “just in time” security training and awareness.

The 2016 Verizon Data Breach Report states people are more than 60 percent of information security issues. People security awareness factors are the number one cause of information data loss. The report also discusses 26% of employees tested gave confidential information to unauthorized people; twenty-three percent opened a social engineering phishing email.

All these facts have lead workers to become more apathetic than ever. When the pain exceeds the cost of change, then change happens. Business is now realizing that failure to address the fundamental security issues like people cyber security awareness are now feeling enormous amounts of financial, customer and competitive pain. No decision is an apathetic choice.  Twenty percent of employees would sell their work passwords for as little as $150 according to a 2015 SailPoint study.

When Detachment / Apathy takes root, it is not easy to resolve; it is also not one that IT can tackle by themselves. The entire organization needs to get engaged from the top down.

Three suggested steps to vastly improve your Human Firewall:

  1. Promote a cyber awareness culture; develop a proactive security awareness value.
  2. Embrace a security awareness technology to become your inexpensive fundamental protection.
  3. Work to identify disgruntled employees through shadow IT and phishing training.
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