Security Awareness tips:

Today many private moments are spotlighted in the social media; the fact remains is that you ( and your relatives and your pals ) are impacted by this shift in some form or another. Security Awareness helps you detect potential problems before they can hurt you.  Though it isn’t difficult to target the positive sides of connecting online, there are many risks related to these very public platforms. To mitigate your risk, adopt the following three habits ( and inspire others to do the same ):

Tip 1- Frequently Review Your Personal Privacy Settings.

If you haven’t checked the privacy options on your social media accounts, there’s no time as real as the present. ( And if you have younger children who are on social media, check theirs while you are at it).

Tip 2- Presume Everything You Post Is Public.

Privacy option settings can only defend you to a point. The explanation why we suggest adopting this habit is straightforward: When you share information you have no control of where that information is going to be re – published.

Tip 3 – Pose Questions:
Fraudsters and cybercriminals love social networks; they’re treasure troves of info, and it’s astonishingly simple to be somebody that you are not inside these networks. These bad actors are frequently referred to as “social engineering exploiters,” and the perils linked with imposters and scammers are real.

Security awareness is key to protecting you and your company. learn more

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