FREE Modern Malware Protection Assessment

Modern Malware is becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of what it can do and how it is used. Relying on conventional protection strategies alone (firewalls, antivirus, IPS and web gateways) likely exposes your organization to Modern Malware vulnerabilities. Defending corporate networks from Modern Malware threats requires new protections that function across the network layer, operating systems and applications. This customized report provides a snapshot of your organization’s risk and defenses against Modern Malware.Your customized FireEye Protection Assessment Report profiles:

  • Targeting Risk: Modern Malware targets specific industries and organizations
  • Theft Loss Risk: Modern Malware can be used as a tool for organized theft and cyber crime
  • Protection Gap Risk: Modern Malware can actively hide or cloak itself using new undiscovered techniques

Before you begin, you will need basic information about your organization and your current network security deployment. The survey should take no more than five minutes and you will receive a customized Protection Assessment Report free of charge.

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