13 Work From Home Cyber Security Tips For Remote Working

When it comes to work from home cyber security security measures, remote work can be a gray area. It’s undoubtedly beneficial to have people scattered across the globe who aren’t located in the same office so as not to waste time and money shuttling people from one branch to another. 

But with all sorts of new opportunities available with remote work, there are plenty of cyber threats which need addressing that have been introduced along with them including risks just like phishing scams or zero-day exploits for example.

It’s hard to imagine that one would allow a bulk of their employees to work remotely, but it happens more often than it used to. Thankfully there are ways one can prevent cyber crimes from wreaking havoc onto our businesses simply by wasting time or bringing down the network.


13 Tips To Stay Secure When Work From Home (WFH)

  • Lock devices when you step away from the desk.
  • Secure your router’s password
  • Use a VPN
  • avoid public Wi-Fi network
  • Personal devices vs. work devices
  • Choose Strong Password
  • Install Updates
  • Write a remote work policy for your team
  • Learn to detect phishing scams
  • Consider Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Use antivirus and internet security software at home
  • Beware of Zoom and video conferencing
  • Encrypt Your Devices

WFH Cyber Security Tip #1 : Lock Devices

Good fences make good neighbors, or so the old adage goes. 

When you have sensitive information on your device that you do not wish to share, it’s a great idea to consider a privacy fence. 

Not only will a privacy fence keep people from seeing your private information, it will also help others from inadvertently viewing your confidential files scattered about on your property. Plus fencing is very sturdy and can last for tons of years allowing you to stay comfortable for years to come if done correctly!

While it may seem simple to type a 4-digit-PIN and click OK, your laptop/computer security is capable of much more, thanks to the number of applications that run in the background without your knowledge.

How to lock your device screen?

WFH Cyber Security Tip #2 : Secure Wireless Router’s Access

The simple solution to preventing your router from being misused is to know how to log in and keep it protected.

By configuring your router’s settings, you can restrict the number of users who have access, and also configure keys used for encryption to prevent potential hackers from gaining access.

WFH Cyber Security Tip #3 : Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) For Home and Remote Work

VPNs are ideal for people who want to keep their data safe while browsing or downloading files. VPN software combines the best features of the internet with enhanced privacy, anonymity, and personal security. 

All you have to do is:

  • get a VPN subscription
  • install it on your device
  • join tremendous proxy servers located around the globe

 so that others cannot track or monitor your activity. 

By using VPN for home and remote work, you can reduce the risk of certain cyberattacks by using a Virtual Private Network or VPN . 

This will make it more difficult for snoopers to intercept your traffic and see what you’re doing. It can also prevent websites from knowing your real location and your internet provider from monitoring your activity.

WFH Cyber Security Tip #4 : Avoid Public WiFi

WFH Cyber Security Tip #5 : Keep Personal and Professsional Devices Separate

WFH Cyber Security Tip #6 : Choose Strong Password

WFH Cyber Security Tip #7 : Install Latest Software Updates

WFH Cyber Security Tip #8 : Have Remote Work Policy Devices

WFH Cyber Security Tip #9 : Prevent Remote Work Phishing Attack

WFH Cyber Security Tip #10 : Use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

WFH Cyber Security Tip #11 : Use antivirus and internet security software

WFH Cyber Security Tip #12 : Understand Zoom Privacy

WFH Cyber Security Tip #13 : Turn on device encryption

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